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Thursday, December 23, 2010 // 2:33 AM

Is everyone as excited about the holidays as I am? Being that it's my son's first Christmas i'm even more thrilled than usual. I wrapped all of Revan's gifts last night and it was really gratifying being able to write To: Revan, From: Mom and Dad on each tag. There's just something so magical about a first family Christmas. The only difficulty of holidays is deciding if we'll be spending it with my family or my husbands. Last year we went to both family's and it was exhausting having to drive from one to the other and eat two large meals in one day. So we decided this year we would split up the different holidays. We did Thanksgiving with my husband's relatives so now we're doing Christmas with my relatives. After we open presents here we will head over to my parents house and open more presents with them and then wait for the extended family to arrive at which point more presents are exchanged. Top it all off with a huge delicious dinner and lots of wine. We also usually play games like Taboo and Trivial Pursuit after dinner or occasionally Texas Hold Em. Those are my Christmas plans, what are yours?

Hope everyone has a great holiday, I know I will!
xoxo, Amanda

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